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Three stages to get you back to what you do best, and what matters to you most.
  • How much is this going to cost?

    Whether you're just starting out or are finally in a place where you can prioritize this part of your business - money matters, especially when we're living in this capitalist world! My fee depends on the time required for the project, which is usually determined by the type of project, the amount of prep you want to contribute, and how "custom" you want your "custom" to be (more on that later). 


    In general you can expect


    Branding (can include logo, fonts, colour palette, social media templates) - $600-900 CDN +GST

    Web Design (about 3-5 pages) - $2000-4500 CDN +GST

    General Graphic Design - too hard to range this one... really depends on the project!


    Consulting Services - $250 per hour, which includes guides & insider, tried+true info to help save you time. Most folx take around 4x 1 hour appointments to get their whole business up and running. That includes marketing strategy set up, internal infrastructure, vision + ethics foundations, and all the legal logistics required to be above board. 

  • What do I need to know about "custom"?

    Okay, let's be real. Most people don't need the super fancy custom stuff.


    AND - there are plenty of ways to make something look and feel custom without having to actually reinvent the wheel and draw everything from scratch.
    My philosophy is always to focus on the difference that actually makes a difference.


    That means when we're planning your project, we'll have a conversation around what works best for what you're looking to build and what is the most strategic way to go about it. There are a lot of beautiful templates and totally-above-board, fully-licensed resources out there that we can revamp.
    Usually, this saves you a couple thousand bucks, which in my books is a total win. 


    There's also absolutely nothing wrong with wanting everything custom and built from scratch! If that's you, I'm happy to chat about scope, and if necessary, connect you with other designers who may be a better fit. 

  • Do I need to put down a deposit?

    After our discovery call and if we feel like it's a fit, I'll ask for a 50% deposit to lock in your dates. This work is more of a passion project for me, so I usually only take on about 8-10 projects a year. The deposit keeps your spot and confirms that I'll be able to commit to your project.

  • Do you offer sliding scale?

    Yes! All of my professional work (+ personal commitments) involves some kind of mutual aid or community-oriented process. I'm so happy to support SDQTBIPOC+ folx in getting their projects up and running so we can all live in the imagination of collective liberation. 


    I usually have a spot or two set aside for SDQTBIPOC+ folx who are in need of this support. I also love the idea of anti-capitalist energy exchanges and am happy to chat further about what this can look like if that's something you're interested in. To self-qualify for something like this, please check out Ride Free Fearless Money's Sliding Scale Chart. We can then confirm SS spot availability on our discovery call.


    Got enough to give? Please consider redistributing to local mutual aid efforts like tiny house warriors, our DTES, and Distro Disco.

  • What would other people tell me?

    Wondering why there's no big splash of testimonials on my site? I'm shy! 

    But since you've found it nestled in here, here's some of what other folx had to say about working with me: 


    Abby is truly a remarkable leader who possesses a deep passion and dedication to creating a more just and equitable society. Her exceptional ability to articulate complex concepts and engage in meaningful conversations surrounding issues of discrimination, inequality, and systemic oppression is truly inspiring. Through her guidance, I have gained an abundance of valuable knowledge that has enriched my understanding and empowered me to be a catalyst for change.  I wholeheartedly recommend Abby’s services to anyone seeking to make a real difference in the world of social justice.


    - Maria Grace Wolk, LMFT, Psychotherapist, Podcast Host


    Abby's services and consultations have been excellent. Firstly, her technical understanding and knowledge when it comes to business creation and digital processes is second to none. It is evident to me that she absolutely loves her craft, and will work tirelessly to come up with solutions to your inquiries - that is if she doesn't already know it already. Lastly, and most importantly, Abby is a people person. She is incredibly easy to get along with and she disseminates complex information into digestible pieces for lay-persons such as myself to understand. She is patient, and will definitely go above and beyond to ensure that you're on the same page, and that every decision is fully informed by YOU. I highly recommend Abby for your business and digital consulting needs!


    - Will Lee, MEd, RCC


    Abby's imaginative approach to design is evident in every project, whether it's creating a logo, developing a website, or conceptualizing a marketing campaign. What truly sets Abby apart is her remarkable ability to merge creativity with practicality. Her recommendations are not only aesthetically pleasing but also rooted in a deep understanding of the project's purpose. 


    - Jake Capland, MCP, RCC


    Building a new business can be overwhelming, but Abby's expertise and guidance made the process smooth and enjoyable. She transformed my ideas into visually captivating designs that perfectly captured the essence of my brand. Abby's ability to understand my business goals and translate them into an engaging website was nothing short of remarkable. She's really good at breaking down intricate ideas into clear, digestible explanations, whether it's discussing technical aspects of a project or diving into nuanced discussions about our values. What sets Abby apart is her genuine dedication to preserving our values throughout the entire process. She isn't afraid to ask the hard questions, challenging us to critically examine our processes and decisions and think beyond the conventional norms. Her encouragement to in foster an ethical and sustainable foundation for our business, question existing practices and explore alternative approaches that align with our values rather than driven solely by capitalist motives has been invaluable.


    - Rachel Wong, LMFT

1/ Discovery
& Prep

Let's connect and chat about your vision, your project, and whether or not we vibe. If we're feeling like it's a fit, I'll give you a more accurate quote & we'll pick some dates and benchmarks for your project.

Here's the fun part. We send you off to capture the vision of your ideal project. If you're into Pinterest-ing, this will totally be your jam. I'll also provide you with a general style guide of things to consider to help you with the process!

2/ Vision to Reality

Once you're feeling set with the dreaming work you've gathered, we'll connect again to confirm any foundational details for your project. Then, you sit back & rest. (Go frolic in the fields! Get some nature! I've got you covered.)

Note: As I'm working, you might hear from me every so often to get your feedback on preferences we haven't gotten the chance to address yet. Make sure you're still on-the-grid so we can keep the momentum going.

3/ Tweak & Deliver

The big reveal! I'll send you your finished project along with a quick video walk through for how to make small updates (if applicable). We'll connect again to see if there's anything that doesn't sit quite right and adjust it together on the call.

Need something else? You've got a full 2-weeks to let me know if you have any questions or need other support. Other than that, check your project off your to do list and get back to what feeds your soul.